Onsite Training

Onsite SEO and SMO training is bespoke to each client. We’ll create a program to suits you and your business.
SEO training program in London
  • Keyword strategy. We’ll teach you how to evaluate keywords to target which are both realistic and can have a real impact on your sales, not just increase your traffic

  • SEO Fundamentals. The basic principles of an SEO strategy including how the algorithm works and ranking factors you’ll need to understand On-Page Optimisation.

  • Technical SEO practices required for every piece of content and every page on your site.

  • Backlinking. Creating and earning a diverse backlink profile using trusted, relevant sites Social Media for SEO.

  • Advanced techniques for optimising Social Media channels and ensuring that every post and comment supports your SEO goals

  • Webmaster Tools. We’ll help you understand and work with the data Google provides for your site in Webmaster Tools.

  • Content. We’ll help you develop a content plan and strategy which supports not only your SEO Strategy, but is valuable to your brand and audience too. Whatever your level, we’ll start with what you know and build a strategy and training plan around it