IoT Development

Here at SysComm, the Internet of Things is one of our core competencies and a major area of our R&D. We’ve been engaged in the development of numerous Health IoT solutions and smart, connected products, such as: IoT embedded firmware and OS development, IoT application middleware, software development for wearable health products, IoT data analytics and data analysis algorithms, machine learning for Healthcare IoT solutions.

  • Cloud infrastructure for IoT  
  • IoT platform selection or development
  • Multi-vendor device management
  • Enterprise-grade IoT solutions
  • IoT system integration
  • IoT connectivity
  • IoT solution scaling
Cloud infrastructure for IoT


1 Business case assessment

We build technology around our client’s business processes rather than disrupt processes for the sake of technology. That’s why we perform rigorous business analysis prior to other work.


2 Building a proof of concept  

We create a viable PoC that incorporates key features that our client wants to see in the final solution. From here, we can plan the solution delivery schedule in great detail and with full transparency for both sides.


3 Fulfilling the project milestones  

We utilize agile methodologies to deliver incremental value from day one, ensure frequent releases, and continuously collect our client’s feedback for perfect results.


4 Rolling out the final solution  

Before deployment to production, we perform end-to-end testing on the client’s staging environment to ensure all the performance, usability, and security criteria are met. Then, finally, we go live.


5 Post-production support

Whenever our clients have the need for post-production system support, we are gladly willing to extend our business relationship and ensure our client’s solutions are up and running at all times


PROJECT DELIVERY MODEL of Syscomm International
User-friendly technology IoT development

Why work with us?

We have been delivering our clients with exceptional products for years. Our team of expert uses the expertise and knowledge to develop intelligent applications. We provide dedicated maintenance & support to our clients throughout the project execution.

  • Our team is well-versed with and strictly follows the international coding standards and guidelines for quality and timely project delivery to the clients.

  • We offer customised project solutions.

  • Before we start working on your project, we will discuss your requirements, goals, and expectations with you to make sure that you are provided with exactly what you have asked for.

  • We use Strategic Technology Approach for intelligent, user-friendly deliveries.